Video Presentations

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Dave Berg Presents the NewGen Feasibility Study to the Decorah City Council

On January 16, Dave Berg presented the NewGen Feasibility Study to the Decorah City Council and a full house.

Dave Berg Responds to Alliant-Funded Feasibility Study

Watch this video for a comprehensive overview of the differences between the NewGen feasibility study and the Alliant-sponsored feasibility report, featuring Dave Berg, one of the authors of the NewGen study. (Click the little speaker icon at the bottom of the video to turn on the sound.)

Warren McKenna on the Community Power Advantage

In this video, Warren McKenna, board member of the Resale Power Group of Iowa and Utilities Director Farmers Electric Cooperative speaks about how community-owned utilities lead the way on issues related to reliability and renewables.

John Farrell: Follow the Money

John Farrell, director of the Energy Democracy Initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance in Minneapolis, speaks on the topic “Follow the Money: How Locally-Owned Utilities Build Community.”