Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study Results

“The results of the analysis conducted for this Feasibility Study suggest that a Decorah MEU could provide service to its customers for a lower average cost while providing reliable power with increased emphasis on renewable energy and local energy management programs.” — NewGen Project Team

Feasibility Study

NewGen Feasibility Study Cover

Read the report: Municipal Utility Feasibility Study

In the fall of 2017, with support of the Decorah City Council, Decorah Power funded a feasibility study to determine if a municipal electric utility would be in Decorah’s best interest. After putting out a request for proposals and carefully reviewing the options, Decorah Power selected nationally-recognized firm, NewGen Strategies & Solutions to conduct the feasibility study.

Decorah Power Companion Report

A Vision Shared CoverRead the report: A Vision Shared: Owning the future through a Decorah Municipal Electric Utility

This companion report brings together the expertise and perspective of numerous Iowa municipal electric utility directors and other energy leaders to outline the wide array of opportunities a community-owned electric utility could bring to the Decorah area, from economic development, jobs, and environmental stewardship to energy ef ciency and solar and cutting-edge energy technologies, such as microgrids, storage, and cybersecurity. The contributors include many experts that presented to the community as part of a “Learning Series” organized by Decorah Power, which paralleled the NewGen feasibility study process through the second half of 2017.

Decorah City Council Presentation

City Council Presentation Cover

Read the presentation: Decorah Power Municipal Electric Utility (MEU) Feasibility Study

On January 16, 2018, Dave Berg, member of the NewGen project team, presented the findings of the feasibility study to the Decorah City Council and Andy Johnson, executive director of the Winneshiek Energy District, summarized what we learned from the expert speakers from the Learning Series.

The presentation was also recorded on Facebook live.