About Decorah Power

We are a group of Decorah area citizens exploring the opportunity to create a municipal electric utility.

What is Decorah Power?

We formed Decorah Power to explore the possibility of establishing a municipal electric utility in Decorah, because we know the many benefits of public power, including local control, higher reliability, lower rates, and a stronger local economy.

What steps have we taken?

With the approval of the Decorah City Council, we raised private, local funds and commissioned a feasibility study from NewGen Strategies and Solutions to find out if a Municipal Electric Utility was worth pursuing. The NewGen feasibility study showed that it was most certainly worth pursuing. Our community could save up to $5 million per year with a public utility!

What’s next?

Now, our mission is to continue to educate the community about the benefits of public power and to address concerns raised about emergency response, financial impact, and other aspects of municipalization before the special election on May 1.

We hope you will join us at the many community gatherings we have planned and help us get the vote out to encourage full engagement from the community on this opportunity.

“With a municipal electric utility we could enjoy one of the best economic and environmental opportunities available to us. We are off to a good start, but we will need strong community togetherness and support.”  —Larry Grimstad, President of Decorah Power

Decorah Power Board Members

  • Larry Grimstad, President
  • Tim Wagner, Vice President
  • Andy Johnson, Treasurer
  • Joel Zook, Secretary
  • Lissa Blake
  • John Dambek
  • Tabita Green
  • Carly Hayden Foster
  • Philip Iversen
  • Jon Jensen
  • Russel Novak


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